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Linette Bumford – Guiding your steps…One stone at a time!

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Hello from Linette Bumford

Waves can be quite overwhelming! They are not there to overtake you, they are there to reshape you.  Just as they do as they crash against the rocks that break their wake. Are you ready and willing to let the waves in your life reshape you? I hope you will journey with me as we allow the Word of God and my life story to inspire and guide you along the way to Getting There!

Let’s Get There!

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Do you feel that heat and pressure inside of you?  Rising to the top! Yes, that is your life purpose stirring and ready to be released as a precious stone. Have you ever stopped to wonder how stones are formed? Though they seem static, stones are in a constant state of change. It takes heat, pressure, time, and layers of elements compressed and solidified to form the world we know today. You and your passions are Precious Stones with Purpose. Let’s rise them up out of the layers and be stepping stones that guide others to your offering.


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